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Hassle-Free Complete Whitening System

The Smile Perfected™ whitening system will help you achieve a noticeably whiter, brighter smile in just 20 minutes with no sensitivity. The Prophy Plus™ whitening system can be completed hassle free, in just 20 minutes. Patients can achieve a professional whitening with no sensitivity and in less time than traditional, ineffectual, often painful methods of the past.

Learn more about how Smile Perfected™ is helping people across the country, in just 20 minutes, achieve:

  • A Beautiful, Enhanced, Noticeably Whiter Smile
  • A More Confident, Youthful Appearance
  • Sensitivity Free Results In Less Time

How The Simple System Works

The Prophy Plus whitening system begins with a professional cleaning by the Rose Dental expert hygienist. The complete cleaning provides the best possible conditions for the whitening process to be at its most effective to remove stains and whiten powerfully without sensitivity.

Smile Perfected™ is a simple to use, effective technology, including a patented pre-filled whitening tray that fits comfortably and allows the person to comfortably relax the jaw while their teeth whiten comfortably.

The tray applies a gentle layer of soft, pleasant tasting gel, specially formulated for maximum results without the sensitivity. The special formula includes an active ingredient activated using the Smile Perfected™ LED light to make 20 minutes all that is needed to achieve professional whitening results.

After 20 minutes you will achieve a noticeably whiter, more beautiful smile, but the Smile Perfected™ complete system also provides a take-home maintenance whitening pen, to help rejuvenate your youthful, beautiful smile and extend your results until you are ready.

How Long Will The Results Last?

A number of foods, drinks and other factors can affect the whiteness of your teeth. Tobacco products, wine, age, medications and other factors can reduce the youthful appearance of your teeth. The Smile Perfected™ take-home whitening touch up pen will help you keep your white smile brighter for longer, can be used anywhere and takes just moments to apply.

The number of treatments necessary to achieve and maintain your desired shade will vary based on your color preference and lifestyle.

The Smile Perfected™ whitening system may be repeated on a scheduled basis to achieve your desired results, though most people will notice a remarkable difference following the first use.

The Prophy Plus whitening process works in happy partnership with Rose Dental and Dr. Aaron can help schedule additional treatments necessary to achieve the smile you dream of in a way that adjust to your needs and lifestyle.

  • Noticeably Whiter
  • Simple, Easy, Effective

The Smile Perfected™ Difference

We realize there are countless other peroxides, UV’s, bleaches, kits, gels and other products promising all manner of results and jumping up and down for your attention. Smile Perfected™ is the fastest growing 20 minute tooth whitening system available today – success relies on the importance of a dentist being involved in the whitening process for best results.

The dentist / patient relationship is sacred, founded on trust, and our total support for Rose Dental is designed to achieve complete satisfaction.

In partnership with Rose Dental and Dr. Zina Aaron we can help you achieve dramatically whiter teeth, in less time, with reduced sensitivity – book your appointment now to see how much you can save, in time and money.

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