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What is Ozone and how does it produce therapeutic effects in the Dental Office?

Ozone is a powerful oxidant. Bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites have little or no antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes. Without this protection ozone oxidizes (burns a hole through) the cell membrane causing it to rupture, resulting in cell death. Healthy human cells have antioxidant enzymes in their cell membranes and are not harmed by therapeutic levels of ozone.

Water treatment research in Europe has demonstrated that ONE MOLECULE OF OZONE has the oxidizing power of more that 3000 molecules of chlorine. This same research also showed that the ozone killed pathogenic organisms 3500 times faster with no toxic side effects and no toxic byproducts. Medical ozone studies have demonstrated benefits such as: improved wound healing, improving the immune system response, increased oxygen delivery to hypoxic tissues, etc. Velio Bocci, MD, in his book, “OZONE: A NEW MEDICAL DRUG”,  states,”……it is clear that, among complementary approaches, ozone therapy has emerged as the one that is well explainable with classical biochemical, physiological, and pharmacological knowledge.”

How does Rose Dental use ozone for dental treatment?

  • Prevention and Protection:  Routine use of ozonated water as a pretreatment patient rinse to disinfect their oral cavity.  All water system in the office for clinical use is ozonated. This protects our patients and staff from aerosol contaminants produced by high speed instruments.  The equipment water lines are also kept free of biofilms as a result of the ozonated water flow.  Ozone performs this disinfection and sterilization and leaves only oxygen and water as byproducts.
  • Patient Treatment: Periodontal disease/Infected gum pockets. 

For more information on Ozone and it’s benefits in dentistry, please click here.

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