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Biological dentistry benefits from many versatile tools that help our patients attain and sustain optimal mouth/body health in the least invasive way possible. Ozone is one of these tools. Lasers are another.

In fact, lasers have been a real game changer for patients and dentists alike.

What Kinds of Dental Procedures Can Lasers Be Used For?

Over the years, lasers have proven extremely effective in providing a wide range of dental treatments. These include:

  •     Treating decay, gum disease, and other oral infections.
  •     Preparing fillings, crowns, and other restorations.
  •     Reshaping the gums.
  •     Treating tooth sensitivity.
  •     Smile brightening.
  •     Removing lesions on gums and lips.

And that’s just a partial list! In fact, scroll or swipe down to learn about some of the especially cool, leading edge procedures available at Rose Dental.

What Makes Lasers So Great for Dental Work?

Versatility is just the start of why the Fotona Twinlight laser is such a valuable part of what we have to offer at Rose Dentistry here in Atlanta.

Lasers do their job faster than conventional tools, meaning shorter, easier appointments for you. Because they simultaneously sterilize the tissues as we work on them, they’re useful for procedures like periodontal therapy – or any procedure in which controlling infection is key.

They’re also extraordinarily precise. That precision means much more predictable results and better outcomes.

Fotona Laser treatments are very gentle. Often, no anesthesia is needed. Because of this, laser dentistry is especially well-suited for children (and far less scary to them than a dental drill).

When the soft tissues are involved – the gums, for instance – there’s less blood loss. Sutures are seldom needed. You heal more quickly, comfortably, and naturally.

Our Laser of Choice: The Fotona Lightwalker

This is a dual length laser that has the ability to cut both hard tissue like bone and soft tissue like gums, as well as promote healing by photobiomodulation. It is the world’s most advanced laser, outperforming rotary burs in terms of both speed and precision. Its unique quantum square pulse mode only improves its performance, providing you with a more comfortable patient experience and exceptional results.

Faster and more precise performance means quicker and easier appointments, with little or no discomfort and better, faster healing for you.

Our Fotona Lightwalker can be used for both hard and soft tissue procedures – and even a few that you might not think of right away when you think of procedures done at the dental office!

Beyond “Just Dentistry”: Snoring & Sleep Apnea Solutions

While we have helped patients get relief from snoring and sleep apnea for years with oral appliances that hold the jaw in a more forward position so you can breathe freely during sleep, some people would rather not rely on a device at all. Our Fotona laser lets us provide a solution: NightLase.

For NightLase, we simply use the laser to recontour the tissues around the top of your windpipe, stimulating your body’s innate ability to restructure collagen in the area. The result is a wider, less restricted airway.

Typically, three short visits every 21 days is all it takes. The results can last as long as a year and a half before any retreatment is needed. Most effective for cases of mild to moderate sleep apnea, research has shown that the NightLase procedure can reduce snoring – a common symptom of sleep apnea – by almost 75%. And the best part is that it is non invasive and requires no anesthesia.

Beyond “Just Dentistry”: Facial Aesthetics

You might not think about facial esthetics treatments when you think about going to the dentist, but we beg to differ. After all, a dentist knows much more than just teeth and gums. We also have a comprehensive understanding of facial structure and musculature.

Because of that, a dentist is ideal for performing the kinds of laser facial treatments that can be the perfect complement to the cosmetic improvements we can make to your smile!

The principles behind the SmoothLase and LipLase procedures we now provide are the same as with NightLase, using the laser to stimulate your body’s own regenerative abilities. With SmoothLase, the result is tighter, firmer skin; with LipLase, fuller lips.

SmoothLase can shave years off your appearance, no surgery, sutures, or synthetic fillers required! We can turn back the effects of time on your skin and facial appearance.

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