Rose Dental Atlanta is proud to offer biocompatible and toxic-free Flexite partials, dentures, retainers, and night guards. Whether your issue is bruxism, TMJ, sleep apnea, or you need partial or full dentures, all Flexite products are truly your most holistic option as they are chemical-free, lead-free and safe.

The Flexite company has been providing top-quality biocompatible prosthetics for more than 50 years; its plastics are FDA registered and manufactured in compliance with European CE regulations.

Flexite products also received a 99th percentile rating (the highest possible) by Clifford Consulting and Research, an independent lab that tests allergy-prone patients for plastics sensitivities. Their testing is the gold standard for assessing the biocompatibility of dental materials.

Flexite dentures and partials, as well as TMJ, sleep apnea, and bruxism devices, are not only biocompatible and allergy-free, they are technically designed with such a superior and comfortable fit, and are enjoyed by patients around the world.


For patients who have lost all their natural teeth–upper, lower, or both–biocompatible Flexite dentures replace missing teeth and restore the ability to eat, talk, and smile with confidence.

Unlike implants or bridges which are attached, dentures are removable, making fit and function paramount. Flexite biocompatible dentures also are created from light and flexible medical grade plastics with no unsightly clasps.

Flexite biocompatible dentures eliminate the metallic taste of conventional prosthetics and are more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Flexite is the optimum choice for chemical-free holistic dentures. Conventional dentures are made with acrylic powder and a liquid monomer chemical. They contain toxic and allergenic substances, and studies show these substances can leach out of dentures and into the mouth.

All Flexite products are highly biocompatible, allergen-free, and are designed to fit and function as closely as possible to your natural smile.  Flexite biocompatible, allergen-free dentures restore your smile, but also your confidence and sense of well-being.

Flexite MP

Rose Dental Atlanta is pleased to offer Flexite MP dentures. Flexite MP dentures are FDA registered thermoplastic with no BPAs, DEHP, DBP, BBP, latex or halogens. They also are lead-free, colorfast and non-leaching.

Flexite MP dentures have been tested by Johns Hopkins University for leaching and safety and meet the US Pharmacopeia Class VI toxicity requirements.

Flexite MP dentures have impact and tensile strength superior to traditional acrylics, and are easy to add to and easy to polish.

Flexite Ultra

For full denture patients allergic to acrylic monomers, Rose Dental Atlanta offers Flexite Ultra nylon thermoplastic that is not only recommended for patients allergic to acrylic monomers; it’s also 100% stronger than conventional acrylic dentures. That means you get a perfect fit that is guaranteed not to fracture!

Flexite Ultra products also are available in three shades, including clear, creating an all-natural look to match your smile.

Flexite T-Val Partials

Partials are for patients who have lost some teeth, but don’t choose dental implants or bridges. Like dentures, partials are removable and held in place by your remaining natural teeth and your gums.

Created from light and flexible medical grade plastics with no unsightly clasps, Flexite holistic partials are comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. With no BPAs or harmful chemicals that could leach into your mouth, Flexite partials are allergy-free and biocompatible.

Flexite T-Val partials are thin, comfortable, and translucent, blending nicely with your gums. Clinically unbreakable, Flexite T-Val is odor resistant and won’t absorb moisture, so it stays clean longer than other partials.

Flexite Plus partials are FDA registered thermoplastic with no BPAs, DEHP, DBP, BBP, latex or halogens. They also are lead-free, colorfast and non-leaching.

All Flexite partials also are available in a variety of shades to match your gums, creating an all-natural look for your smile.


Retainers “retain,” or hold teeth in place, and retainers can be fitted for upper or lower teeth. Retainers are often a post-treatment option following the removal of braces.

Rose Dental Atlanta is happy to provide the world’s first biocompatible and unbreakable Hawley-type retainer for children, the Flexite Hawley Retainer. This unbreakable retainer has no wires and no acrylic, and is light as a feather. Safe, thin, and easily adjusted, these appliances have been fabricated by Ed Zigo @ Zigo Biocompatible Dental Lab

Night Guards

Whether you’re choosing a mouth guard for TMJ, bruxism, snoring, or some combination, Rose Dental Atlanta and Flexite can provide a custom-made, biocompatible option to suit you.

Crystal Clear Flexite MP Bruxism Splint

If you wake up with a sore jaw or notice your teeth becoming chipped or sensitive, you may be experiencing nighttime bruxism, or unconscious teeth grinding.

While there can be more than one cause for teeth grinding, bruxism puts your natural teeth and dental work at risk. Untreated bruxism may lead to gum recession, tooth erosion, and TMJ problems. In addition, your whole body health and immune system could be affected by the interrupted sleep that often accompanies bruxism.

Over-the-counter “night guards” are widely available, but for long-term comfort and effectiveness, custom-made guards are far superior.

At Rose Dental Atlanta, we offer the Crystal Clear Flexite MP Bruxism Splint, made from FDA registered thermoplastic that is lead-free, BPA-free, and manufactured with no liquid monomer.

The Flexite MP Bruxism Splint is easy to add to or adjust, easy to polish, and will not change shape. Made from multi-polymer acrylic with rubber polymers, the Flexite Bruxism Splint is stronger than normal acrylic and will not change shape or be “chewed through.”

The Flexite Bruxism Splint has been tested by Johns Hopkins University for leaching and safety and meets the US Pharmacopeia Class VI toxicity requirements.

Digital Dental Impressions

At Rose Dental Atlanta, dental impressions are taken with the QuickScan IOS intraoral scanner to ensure your dental appliance or restoration is custom-made for optimum fit and functionality.

The QuickScan IOS is equipped with the latest technology of the new generation of intraoral scanners and provides full color digital scans for a variety of your dental needs.

Whether it’s an appliance like a night guard or retainer, or whether we’re designing a partial, dentures, or a crown for you, you’ll need a dental impression. The better and more accurate your dental impression, the more comfortable and effective your dental appliance, prosthetic, or restoration.

At Rose Dental Atlanta, we use QuickScan IOS, the latest in radiation-free technology when it comes to creating dental impressions. The QuickScan IOS is an intraoral scanner that takes an efficient and accurate full-color scan of your mouth without the need for an x-ray or the sticky mess of an old-fashioned gooey impression.

One way to take a dental impression is to make a physical mold, or imprint, of your teeth. Not only is the mold material sticky and uncomfortable, patients must sit with it in their mouths as it hardens, a particularly difficult challenge for the young, for those of you who suffer with anxiety, or for those with sensitive teeth or a gag reflex.

At Rose Dental Atlanta, thanks to the use of QuickScan IOS, there’s no sitting and waiting with that slimy mold material stuck in your mouth for 5 minutes or more. 

With the QuickScan IOS, we instantly can see every aspect of your teeth and mouth with incredible detail, uncovering cracked teeth, plaque deposits, cavities next to fillings, and excessive wear. The QuickScan IOS allows us to discover oral problems early on, meaning your treatment is much less invasive and much more cost-effective.

The hand-held intraoral QuickScan IOS is wand-like and not much larger than the small mirror we also use to view your teeth. The QuickScan IOS seamlessly records an impression of your mouth, saving the images on computer.

At Rose Dental Atlanta, in addition to using QuickScan IOS images for computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to custom-create your dental appliance, prosthetic, or restoration, QuickScan IOS images may also be utilized in a variety of other ways:

  • To capture images of problematic areas
  • To assist with general dental health tracking
  • To monitor the progress of previous dental procedures

The QuickScan IOS is goo-free and hassle-free, providing highly detailed digital diagnostic scans for patients and providers. Not only can we use the QuickScan IOS to diagnose and design dental solutions for you, the QuickScan IOS is a great tool to help you become more informed about your dental health.

You see what we see on the computer screen, which gives you a clear understanding of your teeth’s condition, and it allows you to make a more informed decision regarding your treatment options.

At Rose Dental Atlanta, the QuickScan IOS is just one of the many helpful tools we use for prevention and treatment, providing you with the latest and best in oral and overall healthcare.


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